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Why athletes should consider working with a movement specialist

The cutting-edge trainer or should I say mobility specialist or Human Movement Specialist is on the rise. Specifically, I am referring to passionate trainers and bodyworkers who are becoming certified through the Functional Range System. 

Think of a trainer who knows how to train you for your specific goals, rehab your injuries, knows how to apply for specific tissue repair work, and never let you plateau. 

That’s a Movement Specialist!

Another lens through which to view this is to take your personal trainer, massage therapist, and rehab professional and combine them all in one trainer. 

Exactly! Not only is that awesome but doesn’t it make sense?! Why would you compartmentalize your training when the human body is a complex interwoven system?

Muscle Mechanics believes wholeheartedly in this because, first and foremost, we must understand the human function and design, and in doing so, then we are able to apply, restore, and train the human to achieve consistent optimal strength and control. 

Picture this.

No matter the injury, movement restriction, or plateau level standing in your way, Human Movement Specialists always assess and evaluate so we have a deeper understanding of the human anatomy that is preventing the betterment of the injury or leading to the plateau in which the athlete is facing. Following the evaluation, we follow a system that obeys the laws and principles of human physiology which restores strength and control to the human. 

Hybrid perhaps! 

However; no matter what skill or type of athlete we are working with, they are human first and foremost, so empowering athletes to understand who they are as humans in order to elevate their own awareness as an athlete will provide greater opportunities to perform as athletes mitigating risks of injuries and increasing sustainability. 

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