Top 5 actions to take if you have suffered an injury to your joints or muscles.


Injuries! They SUCK! No misunderstanding there; however, with Muscle Mechanics our passion is to empower you with the superior route to optimally recover and obtain a higher level of strength and control than ever before. 

Two powerful thought processes: “Controlled Articular Rotations” (CARs) & Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loads (PAILS/RAILS) will significantly shift your injury recovery into hyperspeed drenched with rocket fuel. 

However; here are also five actions to ignite. 

Action one is to start simply by understanding how injuries happen. A simple equation was created by Dr. Andreo Spina founder of the Functional Range Systems (FRC)The injury equation is this:

Demand that is greater than capacity equals injury. “Demand > Capacity = Injury” 

Simple, yet powerful. 

Action two understand your joints which starts with mechanical receptors. 

Because mechanical receptor #2. Truly that’s the name of the receptor…. Google it you’ll be astounded. Specifically, mechanical receptor #2 lives in all joints, and remember what constitutes a joint. Two or more bones joined together. Mechanical receptor 2 sends the information straight to the cerebral cortex which is where movement is controlled. So this is why “use it or lose it” is a real scientific statement. 

Action three accept your reality. Again injuries suck but rendering to the present strengthens your journey to recovery and success. Accept the injury, plan the journey to recovery, and take action.

Action four build your support system. Injuries take time to heal, yet you’re not alone. From family to friends build a team of those who believe, support, and are there to help achieve success along your journey

Action five understand that CARs and PAILS/RAILS will be the foundation of your recovery but the FRS as a whole will shift your paradigm on how you train, workout, and acquire performance. Muscle Mechanics is here to help you but if you are not near us then search and select find provider. Your future is too important not to have a superior way of recovering. 

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