Stop Plantar fasciitis

Stop your plantar fasciitis NOW!

The pain in the bottom of your foot may be called plantar fasciitis; however, that isn’t your problem.

The problem is WHY you have pain.

The WHY behind your pain is lack of CONTROL!

Pain is communicating to you this problem, but you don’t understand how to solve it.

If that weren’t the case, you still wouldn’t have the pain after getting massages, foam rolling, or even Cortisone shots.

Yup! Big secret 🤫

But there is a simple process to eliminate your problem.

A simple process of getting back control and then eliminating your pain authentically.

Learning how to gain back control of your toes!

Yes, you read that CORRECTLY… Controlling your toes will help solve your plantar fasciitis pain.

Using a powerful tool called Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loads (PAILS/RAILS) restores the function of your joints.

In this video, I walk you through using PAILS/RAILS in a specific position to target the toe joints, muscles & connective tissue of your foot.

This also isn’t a do-it-once and healed gimmick.

This is a lifestyle. It is done daily at highly specific intensities to solve your problem.

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