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How you can recover from a knee injury without surgery

Immediately, it is per the individual case: not all knee problems or injuries need surgery. It is one hundred percent per the individual case. 

However; many knee problems can be resolved with the right strength training, preventing the need for surgery altogether. 

Yes, there are knee injuries that do need surgery. Full crucial ligament tears, for example, your ACL or PCL, do require surgery, as I’ve done in both my knees. 

Those experiences are what stimulated my passion and the path to creating Muscle Mechanics – “Live Through Movement” where my life’s work is empowering athletes of all levels to attain optimal strength and control for sustainable performance in their desired sport and lifestyle. 

Injuries suck! Complete tears, no doubt about it, need surgery, and athletes are looking to recover FAST. 

Yet, faster doesn’t mean a hurried process. There are principles and laws to our human physiology that must be applied to the individual. 

Pre-rehab is an application that I didn’t experience, nor have countless clients of mine who’ve come in for help post knee surgeries. Pre-rehab, done right, is powerful strength training that provides a proven functioning foundation for stronger and faster recoveries. 

Standard model vs Functional Range Systems (FRS) model.

Standard model rehab in a big name HMO or PPO (conglomerate), no matter, does not offer pre-rehab. Then, the post-surgery rehab that is offered is a standard Rolodex of movement exercises to restore motion without pain in a set time frame that doesn’t fit every athlete/client’s needs, versus restoring strength and control at the athletes/client’s needs.

FRS model is designed to focus on the athlete’s human physiology, per the individual, resulting in a faster and stronger knee, functioning optimally in its design with a higher capacity to absorb, generate, and sustain force and demand on your knee(s). 

Another way of looking at it is: that the FRS model addresses the athlete’s individual human needs, stimulating the nervous system for the adaptation of having double the athlete’s capacity, aka stronger than the knee was pre-injury, in order to mitigate the risk of re-injury when returning to the sport of lifestyle. 


How to recover from a knee injury without surgery? 

Seek a passionate professional who uses the FRS model as their core system as we do. 

In the Bay Area, Muscle Mechanics IS your solution.

Not in the Bay? Click the link below to find a provider near you 

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