How to Solve Stiff Neck Issues

How to Solve Stiff Neck Issues

Hi, I’m Byron Harold with Muscle Mechanics LTM and I’m here to talk to you about your stiff neck muscles. 

My approach to Solving your stiff neck muscles isn’t done in one move or one session. No magic, but lots of detailed specific scientific work in action over time will. 

Simply think how your stiff neck muscles became stiff and rest. Maybe from an accident if some kind in the past, maybe from sports, maybe just from age. Notice I didn’t say “old age”. That’s because yes “younger” people come into the facility every week expressing that they feel older than they are. 

What’s the common detonator here? 

Lack of articulation! 

Yes! No matter if the accident happened YEARS AGO, or from sports, or just from living your life. Well, you were not coached on how to move (articulate) and control your neck (vertebrae) which resulted in poor mobility. 

Over time it got worse chronically even if it stemmed from a single occurrence. 

Poor articulation behavior simply provides a weak foundation so that when an injury or even sleeping “wrong” creates a recipe for pain and stiffness. 

Solving this stiffness takes time, effort, energy, and focus. 

Just as it took time for your neck to become stiff and suboptimal. 

The first step to ending your stiff and achy neck STARTS with understanding how to solve the PROBLEM. 

Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) are your first step. A POWERFUL tool that is a thought process to understanding how your neck is designed to function. This helps to identify limitations or restrictions within your neck function thus helping you pinpoint exact tissue and stiff joint angles that are restricting your neck mobility from being OPTIMAL. 

Having these connective and muscle restrictions solved is paramount to your neck functioning optimally. (Seen here in video)

Secondly, start doing Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loads (PAILS/RAILS) to improve the functioning of your neck from suboptimal to optimal. (Seen here in video)

CARs need to be done daily to maintain joint movement (articulation) decreasing stiffness, and risk of injury.

PAILS/RAILS improves joint capacity with increased neuromuscular strength providing you the path towards improving your neck mobility.

If you cannot articulate your neck without limitations or restrictions then YES that’s your definite correlation to your neck stiffness especially if it’s developed chronic pain. 

Joints that don’t articulate will learn to become stiff and stiffness creates limitations and restrictions. 

That simple!

Simple does not mean EASY! 

However; as I’ve said earlier it is your powerful truth and path to ending your neck stiffness.

Articulate your neck every day to start the process. 

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