How to Prime Your Hip Sockets

Ready to take on a PR back squat? Let’s prime those hip sockets and get those muscles fired up with a warm-up SO SIMPLE you won’t believe it works – let’s do this!

So we start with level 3 hip Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) to allow his neuromuscular engagement to fire up into the ranges he’ll need in his deep back squat. 

This begins to awaken the intrinsic deep layers of muscle associated with his hip sockets. Followed by Passive Range Holds (PRH) to acquire and recruit as much slow twitch as possible. 

Recruiting and building slow twitch in the ranges for where you need fast twitch is essential to performance. Why? Because you can’t move where you can’t move… 

Think about it for one second. That deep hip flexion end range at the bottom of your squat. How often do you train in that end range Isometrically teaching your nervous system how to own that end range with strength and power? 

Strength to control the range and power to explode out of it. 

Doing more squats will get you strong to a certain limit, but training the individual parts: hip, spine knees, and ankles to function optimally will provide better performance output interdependently we call movement. 

That movement the squat. 

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