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How to Improve Hip Mobility

Hey everyone, in today’s video I’m helping an athlete improve his hip mobility. 

Hip mobility is a key element of many physical activities, any sport you can think of and so much more. It’s important to maintain our hip mobility as it contributes to overall body health and function. Unfortunately, many of us have tight hips, which can lead to pain, poor posture, decreased performance, and weak muscles.

In today’s video, I am doing Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loads (PAILS/RAILS) to improve his muscular system to generate force and connective tissues to absorb that force into internal rotation. 

Solving this problem over time of course will take several sessions plus a daily routine by him at home. Essentially neurological tightness is a behavioral problem. Meaning over time this has been a mechanical problem that has created poor mechanical habits, so the brain has adopted this poor mobility as a norm. 

Not seen in the video I assessed his hip mobility and found that his passive range of motion has internal rotation restrictions which have become a neurological tightness problem. 

Uniquely enough that’s the way we will re-train and solve this problem by changing the behavior of the hip with PAILS/RAILS over time. 

PAILS/RAILS is a powerful tool from the Functional Range Systems. I use this tool daily in my practice creating stronger, functioning, and healthier hips for athletes of all levels. 

Thanks for watching this video on improving hip mobility! I hope it was helpful to you. If you’re looking to take action and do the work, click my link below to set up a consult. 


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