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How to avoid neck surgery

Looking to AVOID neck surgery

Step 1. Understanding the design and function of your neck

Step 2. Take action to daily PRACTICE of moving your neck in its functioning design slowly and intentionally.

Step 3. Identify limitations or restrictions in your neck function. 

Step 4. Solve the limitations or restrictions (That’s where Muscle Mechanics can help )

If your neck (cervical spine) cannot move (articulate) free of limitations or restrictions then it cannot behave as an optimal functioning neck. 

Simple, not easy……

Don’t confuse forcing your neck to make movements happen as an optimal functioning neck!!!!!


Step 1. first build awareness, we do this with Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) 

Step 2. start practicing CARs (it works when you practice!)

Step 3. Identifying the specific limitations or restrictions empowers you to understand YOUR NECK. 

Step 4. Solve the limitations or restrictions; Muscle Mechanics helps achieve that solution. 

An optimal functioning neck provides opportunities for decreased risk of injuries, especially when doing exercise or sports, but it tremendously improves your pain. 

Suffer no longer!

Good news!!!! When you train the deepest anatomy you provide greater opportunities to live pain-free.

Want more??

click this link to get your FREE Mobility guide and asses if you have optimal function

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