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Here are 5 powerful life-changing skills you MUST have to improve your movement.

Skill 1 : Listen Through Movement

Learn the skill of how to listen through movement and identify potential injuries, limitations, and restrictions in your joint space function. We teach you Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) which is a powerful tool to help with this skill. CARs also has levels to them. Level 1 is to bring awareness to your joint function as in how that joint is designed to move, how well its moving, and how well its not moving. Simple, not easy. Level 2 is articulation focus to identify detailed specifics such as mechanical limitations that can cause problems like “tendinitis” or neurological tightness creating restrictions like “frozen shoulder” in the joint function. Level 3 is the capacity focus which allows for levels of internal loading “muscle contraction” generated by you. 

Skill 2 : Restore, Recover, and Repair

Learn the skill of how to restore, recover and repair limitations or restrictions in your joint space function. We teach, bear with me here, this acronym is lengthy… Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loads (PAILS/RAILS). The most powerful and fundamental thought process aka tool that repairs joint function as you’ve never experienced before until you’ve experienced it. Yes! You can strengthen joints! Wild right? Well not really, I mean that in a humbling manner because we don’t know what we don’t know until we become aware of what we don’t know… Haha hear me out here.. yes it’s scientifically proven and you can improve the quality of your joints. PAILS/RAILS does exactly that, just isn’t easy because it’s worth something: your livelihood!

Skill 3: Maintain the Quality of Your Joints

Maintaining the quality of your joints to meet your sport or workout demands is a skill. It’s understanding the necessity of shifting from improving joint function to prevention and management of high-quality joint function that is needed to sustain the demands from your 

  • Everyday Life/ Career 
  • Workouts/ Fitness Goals
  • Sport/ Sport-Specific Training 

Skill 4: Training and Programming

Training and Programming out your daily routines can be daunting; however, this skill, like any other skill, is about repetitions and practice. Also, as with every skill set, keep it simple and build from there. 


  • Daily CARs (FullBody) throughout the day
  • Daily PAILS/RAILS to the most injuries or problematic joint
  • Add CARs before and after workouts 

Simple doesn’t mean easy! The work done is worth something. 

Skill 5: Take Action

Taking action! Like everything else in our reality taking action is always the ignition to achieving your success. This skill is fueled by skill 4, so blast off and take action. Nothing crazy or complicated. Just shift into action. 

Essentially skills 1 and 2 empower you to shift from injury-prone to decreased risk of injury. Skill 3 maintains the quality of your joint function which dictates the quality of your movement. Skill 4 helps you program your joint strength training and skill 5 shifts you to take action. 

Reading this and want to take action? Click here to contact us to get started on improving your movement. 

Reading this and you are a trainer/coach/ provider who helps people move better I highly advise checking out Functional Range Systems to learn how you can powerfully help others. 

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