Five Powerful Ways to Improve Athletic Performance

Five Powerful Ways to Improve Athletic Performance

A most powerful opportunity you can give yourself is to shift your thought process to think about how well you control your “HUMAN” body!

You are a human before you are an athlete, or another way of processing it is, that all athletes are humans.

Here are 5 tips, or I should say 5 shifts…

Shift 1. “Controlled Articular Rotations” (CARs for short)

Knowing how all 12 major joint functions of your body are designed to articulate aka, “move” without limitations or restrictions. CARs help you listen through movement with an active range of motion and identify what and where your specific limits/restrictions may be. Remember this! CARs are not exercises, it’s a skilled thought process improving your joint articulate awareness. 

Shift 2. CARs Lv. 2

Lv. 2 CARs help you identify deeper where you may be lacking control. Meaning as you begin to articulate a range of motion in your shoulder perhaps you start turning your torso/ spine to make up aka compensate for the lack of control of your shoulder articulation. Lv. 2 CARs are about blocking the compensating areas allowing you to move slower in the desired joint. 

Shift 3. CARs Lv 3

Lv. 3 CARs actively move within your controlled articulate end range of motion with max muscle contraction globally yet safely. 

This sets you for success at building slow twitch fiber with the end ranges of your joints and soft tissues. 

Shift 4. Slow Twitch Training

Learning how to generate internal loading at end ranges of your joint articulation improves muscle recruitment and trains the targeted joint on how to generate, absorb, and sustain load internally. This action teaches the behavior of strength in and out of active ranges of motion. Now when you apply demand onto your body you have a higher level of control and strength. Slow twitch training sets the tone for fast-twitch training….

Shift 5. Fast-Twitch Training 

Knowing your body’s joint strength capacities allows you to create specific fast twitch training programs yet, specific to the human function that correlates over to any specific sports training. 

You never fail when you train the HUMAN anatomy to function optimally in its design. 

The human-specific function then athlete-specific performance. 

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