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Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis?

Before you say yes because your pain matches what you researched or what the doctor may have told you, check this out.

The discomfort in your foot, first and foremost, is one hundred percent real and, yes, absolutely needs to end.

However, people often believe they have plantar fasciitis, which is why they suffer daily pain.

This pain is keeping them from working out the way they want to, like having to scale from box jumps to a step up, but only to find them self-scaling from step ups to a high knee, but again having to rise from a high knee to a seated knee tuck because the pain in your foot is unbearable.

Finally, you stopped going to your workouts and are now desperate. Because you have goals, and working out is a part of those goals.

So you take cortisone shots, pain medications, inflammation medications, massages, and fancy massage tools, and you find that all these things help make you FEEL better, but the pain still keeps coming back!

Well, let me tell you why.

It’s simple. All those things do nothing to solve the actual problem.

Yes, that’s simple! But, to begin with, making something feel better doesn’t mean solving the problem of why and how it’s there.

In the last eight years of practice as a human movement specialist, I’ve encountered hundreds of clients with “plantar fasciitis” pain, but less than 20 have had plantar fasciitis.

True plantar fasciitis isn’t just pain in the foot’s heel, arch, or bottom. Instead, it’s where the collegian of the tendons on the foot flexor muscles have begun to break down, which is stenosis.

Stenosis takes weeks to heal because it isn’t something you can rub away, beat up, or medicate away. You have to physically change the behavior of the muscles to lengthen and shorten optimally so as the tension on the tendon changes. You are simultaneously changing the behavior of the ankle joint as well because the joint behavior dictates the muscles.

Point and case, a stiff ankle makes stiff tissues make, dysfunction makes poor mobility makes painful movements makes the poor quality of movement health.

Simple! Not easy!

Also, I was able to help solve the hundreds of clients who had foot pain in 1-4 sessions. Not because I am magical or even good. Because I am passionate about understanding human physiology and the simplicities of our highly complex bodies.

Again simple does not equal easy.

Got “plantar fasciitis” aka foot pain?
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