Meet your, muscle mechanic

Byron Harold, Lead Muscle Mechanic & CEO


“My passion for Human movement has been a part of who I am my entire life.”

Life experiences like being in the military made the importance of movement for a healthy, peak performing life clear to me. When I returned home from deployment in Afghanistan in 2012, my mission became opening a facility that empowers athletes of all levels. Our team of Mechanics teach the skills necessary to help athletes solve their movement and pain problems. In 2014 Muscle Mechanics “Live Through Movement” was founded. I proudly continue to serve my community by helping over 3,000 people in Brentwood California live healthier lives.


What Our Clients are Saying

Best sessions I’ve had to help with my calf issues!

After working with Byron for a few weeks the progress and my ability to run has improved immensely. My restrictions to running due to my calf issues have gone from a 10 to a 2. Change is happening and I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring.
Maria Guzman

I feel amazing after 1 appointment!

Byron, is very knowledgeable, I have had one appointment with him and feel amazing. I recommend anyone with an injury or looking to enhance their mobility visit Muscle Mechanics. Very highly recommended!
Josh Epstein

You are one call away from pain-free movement.

Limited range or motion, pain and injuries are formidable opponents to achieving your full fitness and health potential. Let’s address them today and you’ll be amazed at how flexible and powerful you really are.