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5 Reasons your traditional injury rehab is not producing results

The traditional Standard Model of PT focuses on restoring pain-free movement. That may sound like the goal you want; however, I assure you that you want & need more than that. 

Reason 1: Joint articulation Assessments. 

To fully understand your specific needs, no matter if your injury or post-operation you need a comprehensive understanding of where you lack control. Hint! So does the practitioner, therapist, trainer, or coach. 

Because without understanding the passive and active ranges of motion of the client then you truly don’t understand your client NEEDS to recover. This could be the very defining reason why standard model PT seems to give general exercises vs. a comprehensive assessment that helps practitioners create a specific training program for you and your NEEDS. 

Reason 2: Joint Space

Joint space is fundamental to rehabilitating any human joint function no matter the chronic, acute injury, or pre-post-op surgery. Joint space is critical to understand in rehab per the individual. Knowing the difference in how to rehab joint space for an athlete who needs to return to his or her sport with joint space that needs dynamic adaptability capacities or restoring a client who needs just enough joint space to stay pain-free in his or her day-to-day life. How can we possibly differentiate the two with standard given exercises? We can’t! This is why assessing joint space and the client’s specific needs are the pinnacles to the client’s rehab being successful. 

Reason 3: Empowering Education 

Way too many clients simply are treated like a cog in a machine with standard model PT. Shuffled in, given general exercises, ice, muscle stem rinse, and repeat for a set number of appointments. Many clients simply have no understanding of how, why, or what is happing. This in my opinion is a part of the reason re-injuries, and, or lack of trust is given by clients. Especially young athletes and children who are going through a traumatic experience with their bodies. So many high school athletes never return to their sport with full potential to perform simply because their rehab was too general and poorly educated about their rehab. After all, it’s your body as a client. It’s our JOB, PASSION, to empower you!

Reason 4: Shine or Deception 

This is hugely missed as many athletes think they are getting a Ritz-Carlton experience of PT when in fact they are getting Motel 6 experience of PT. 

Facilities can look state of the art and have all the latest and greatest tools but lack so much interpersonal experience, programming specific needs, and empowering education to the client. Almost seems like for many big corporations more clients are treated as a cog. Even the practitioner can be very passionate to help; however, the practitioner is treated as a cog. Seems as though conglomerate PT is designed by officials focusing on a system that is geared towards cycling clients through as often as possible. 

Places can look great, but experiences with empowering results that shift clients’ livelihoods, well you tell me where you’d rather go! Even if it were an “out-of-pocket expense” where would you trust your kids, family, or yourself to be? 

Reason 5: Optimal or Sub-Optimal Training 

This by far is the simplest! You are either strength training to increase the capacity of the client or you are not. Do note rehab done right is strength training. It’s simple! Ready? 

Optimal training prepares humans to constantly increase/ maintain optimal function and control of themselves to meet the demands of his/her environment or ecosystem.

Sub-Optimal training is the after state in which the human-induced injury is due to acquiring a lack of needed capacity necessary to operate within his/her environment or ecosystem. 

Lastly: Do you trust something general and bland or something that has depth and connection? 

I can tell you this, Muscle Mechanics “Live Through Movement” is provocatively in-depth with educational empowering experiences to specifically shift not only your thought process about your human body, but your mind to push beyond what you’ve known possible. 

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